Yearly membership dues

Summer Membership

Summer Membership is offered to people on the waitlist.  These members are given the opportunity to “rent” an inactive bondholders membership for the summer.  They have full privileges including joining the swim team, however, they are not bondholders.  This fee is for the base of the membership.  Each person on the membership is an additional $50.

Extended August Membership

Membership starts July 15 and ends on the last day of the season.  This fee is for the base membership.  Each person on the membership is $50.

Senior Membership

Per By-laws Article VI section 6.8A, A Senior Member shall be defined as a Member who has a minimum age of 65 years with a consecutive membership of no less than 15 years. A Senior Member will turn in their Bond and will maintain their status as a member by paying an annual summer fee of $125; however, a Senior Member will not have voting privileges of an active Bond Holder. A Senior Membership will include a Spouse.

Member Dues Base Fee

There is a base fee of $350 for each account plus $50 per member over the age of 3. $25 is added to any payment received after May 1st. $35 late fee is applied for payments received after Memorial Day.