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Join the Fun at the Skyline Swim Club!

Skyline is one of the area’s most popular swim clubs, and there is currently a wait list for membership – sign up now to get on the list. Click the link below to complete a Membership Application along with the $50 application fee. We will contact you with details.

Summer Memberships

We offer 50 summer memberships each summer and additional “extended summer” memberships for the second half of the season so that wait list applicants have an opportunity to enjoy the pool.


Most new wait list applicants are offered the “extended summer” during their first year or two after submitting an application.  The current cost for extended summer is $200 for the base and then $50 for each person on the membership. Extended summer memberships begin the end of July.

In subsequent years you may be offered a full summer membership.  The full summer membership is currently $330 for the base and $50 for each person. This allows you to enjoy the pool for a full summer without having to purchase the bond.


Most people seem to be offered bonds in the 3rd or 4th season of being on the wait list.  The bond currently costs $290 and guarantees you full summer membership each year along with the ability to hold a position on the board and voting privileges at our annual meeting.

Membership Bond: membership is secured with a $290 bond, which is refundable when redeemed and sold to someone else.

Membership Fees: annual fees are due April 15th each year. Current fees are:

Base Membership Fee $330
– Each direct family member (same household including bondholder) $50
– Special member (babysitter, grandparent) $125

– Family of three $480
– Family of four $530
– Family of five $580

Questions? contact Melissa or Kevin at

Current Members

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Prospective Members

Click the button to submit the Waitlist application. Click here to view the current waitlist.