2022 Membership Fees

Fee Schedule for the 2022 Season

  • Base Membership Fee $330
  • Each direct family member (same household including bond holder) $50
  • Special member (babysitter, grandparent) $125
  • Children <3yrs as of June 1, 2022 $0

Inactive Status Request: if you are requesting “inactive” status for the 2022 season, the fee is $50. This forfeits your membership privileges for the 2022 season. Please note that you may not be on inactive status for more than two consecutive years. Visit the Payments page to submit your inactive status request.

Bond Redemption Request: if you are redeeming your bond, sign the back of the bond and return it to Kevin Brainard. If you cannot locate your original bond, you may send a signed letter requesting redemption. Your bond fee will be refunded to you once the bond has been resold to someone on the waiting list. This typically takes about 10 weeks. Visit the Bond Redemption page to submit your request to redeem you bond.

Late Fees: If we do not receive a response by the first day of the regular pool season, your status will be changed to “inactive” and you will forfeit your rights to membership for the 2022 season. In addition, you will be subject to the $50 inactive status fee and the $35 late fee.

All fees are due by the time the pool opens.