* All guests must be signed in with their first and last name by a member and that member must be present at the pool.
*Each family may bring a maximum of six guests per day
*Larger parties (over 6 guests) must have prior approval from the pool manager.
*Guests are entitled to full club privileges for the day as long as the sponsoring member remains at the club; once the member leaves the club, the guest must also leave.
*Guests must abide by all club rules. Members are responsible to ensure that their guests understand and abide by these rules.
*In the event of disregard of the rules, or uncontrollable behavior by a guest, the pool manager, lifeguard or any board member may terminate privileges for the day, in which case the sponsoring members and their guests must leave the club immediately and there shall be no refund of fees.
*Members assume full responsibility for the conduct of their guests and will be held liable for any damage caused by their guests.
Guest Fees:
Ages 3 & Under: Free
Ages 4 & Over $10.00