Rules and Regulations

PLEASE READ THESE RULES AND REGULATIONS CAREFULLY; they have been formulated to provide for the safe use and enjoyment of Club facilities. It is the Principal Member’s responsibility to know and abide by these Rules and Regulations and to ensure the same of their family members and their guests. Violations may result in disciplinary action, including ejection from the premises and suspension of Club privileges. The Club Manager has the responsibility for the operation of the Club facilities under the direction of the Board of Directors. The Club Manager and his Staff have the authority to enforce all Rules and Regulations. Violations should be reported to the Club Manager, any member of the Club Staff, or any current member of the Board of Directors. Final action, when punitive measures are required, rests with the Board of Directors.

1.1. Club facilities will be open from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily during the season.
1.2. Exceptions:
· The Club will close at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday nights when there is a home swim meet. The Club will also close early the day of a Swim League Time Trial hosted at Skyline.
· The Club will open at 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays when there is a home swim meet.
· If needed, the Club will close 30-60 minutes prior to Special Events in order to allow the Staff time for
· The pool will close 5 minutes prior to the Club’s closing time. All members and guests must vacate the Club by
the closing time.
· The pool may be temporarily closed by the Club Manager or the Pool & Grounds Director for maintenance
purposes, or at any time deemed necessary in the interests of health, safety, or general welfare.

2.1. Only qualified members in good standing and their guests (as defined under Guest Regulations and Fees herein) will be admitted.
2.2. Member Identification
· The Club Staff will only admit members of the club upon verification of their active status. Members should
have their picture on file with the club for identification and verification. If the member does not have a current
picture on file, then they are to provide the office staff with their full name or membership number and address
and date of birth.
· Any non-member found to be using a member’s name or membership number will be banned from the club.
Any member that is found to be providing membership information to a non-member so that admittance to the
club can be obtain, will be fined by the Board of Directors. Any repeated attempt will result in loss of club
privileges for one year.
2.3. Admission of Children
· Parents/Guardians, not lifeguards, are responsible for their children’s conduct. Supervision of children is the
parents/guardians responsibility at all times.
· Admission of children is regulated by both Age and Swimming Status (“Non-Swimmer” or “Qualified
· All children under ten years of age must be accompanied at the Club by a responsible person 14 years of age or older and must be under their supervision when in the pool.
· A “Qualified Swimmer” is defined as a person who can swim the length of the pool, and jump off the diving
board, tread water for 15 seconds and swim to the side of the pool.
· A “Non-Swimmer” is defined as a person who either cannot or has not successfully completed the above test to become a Qualified Swimmer.
· All Qualified Swimmers under ten years of age must be accompanied at the Club by a responsible person 14
years of age or older.
· All Qualified Swimmers ten years of age or older will be admitted to the Club unaccompanied.
· All Non-Swimmers under 14 years of age must be accompanied at the Club by a responsible person 14 years of
age or older and must be under their supervision when in the pool. For the purpose of these Rules and
Regulations, ages are considered to be as of May 31 of the current year. A lifeguard will administer the test for
“Qualified Swimmer”.
2.4. Guest Policy:
· All guests must be signed-in by a sponsoring member, and the appropriate guest fee must be paid.
· Each family may bring a maximum of six guests per day. Larger parties can be arranged with a Party Request
Form available at the Pool Office.
· Guests are entitled to full club privileges for the day as long as the sponsoring member remains at the club;
once the member leaves the club, the guest must leave also.
· Guests must adhere to all Skyline Swim Club rules. Members are responsible to ensure that their guests
understand and abide by these rules.
· In the event of disregard of the rules, or uncontrollable behavior by a guest, the pool manager, lifeguard or any
board member may terminate privileges for the day, in which case the sponsoring members and their guests
must leave the club immediately and there shall be no refund of fees.
· Members assume full responsibility for the conduct of their guests and will be held liable for any damage
caused by their guests.

3.1. All members and guests using Club facilities or the parking area of the Club do so at their own risk. The Club assumes no responsibility for anyone using the facilities or parking area, and will not be responsible for accidents in connection with such use.
3.2. Applicable rules and regulations of the Delaware State Department of Health are posted at the pool site and are in effect to the same extent as if they were included herein.
3.3. Anyone participating in athletic events (other than swimming) must soap shower before re-entering the pool.
3.4. Anyone with sand, grass or dirt on their feet, after walking on the club grounds, must rinse their feet before
entering the pool.
3.5. No person having a communicable or contagious illness or infection, or when wearing a bandage, etc. will be permitted the use of the pool.
3.6. Toilet facilities and trash containers are provided and should be used.
3.7. Spitting, blowing or clearing one’s nose, etc., while in the pool, is strictly forbidden.
3.8. No one is permitted to enter any part of the pool at any time unless a Lifeguard is on duty in the pool area.
3.9. Unnecessary conversation with the Lifeguards, while on duty, is prohibited.
3.10. Lifesaving equipment may not be handled by other than a qualified Lifeguard.
3.11. Pushing, running, dunking, or other horseplay is strictly prohibited.
3.12. No glass containers of any type may be brought into the pool area or change houses.
3.13. No pets will be permitted on the Club premises at any time.
3.14. For health reasons, the Lifeguard or the Club Manager may order anyone from the pool if, in their opinion, the individual shows signs of fatigue.
3.15. Members or guests in street clothes (generally also with shoes on) are required to stay at least ten feet from the edges of the pools.
3.16. No food of any description may be eaten on the pool apron (the concrete area surrounding the pools). Canned drinks may be consumed on the pool apron so long as they are kept at least four feet from the pool edge and disposed of in trash containers immediately. Special events, Parties and Swim Meets are exempt from this rule.
3.17. Smoking is prohibited on the pool apron and in the bathrooms and is permitted only in the designated areas on the property by persons age 21 or older. “Smoking” means:
a. The burning of a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or any other matter or substance that contains tobacco; or
b. The use of an electronic smoking device in any manner or in any form (i.e. e-cigarette, vape pen, juul or other similar product).
3.18. No abusive or profane language shall be permitted on the Club premises.
3.19. No running, wrestling, ball playing, or undue disturbances will be tolerated in the change houses, picnic areas, or pool areas. There are areas designated for approved games.
3.20. All personal injuries, regardless of how slight or minor, must be reported to the Lifeguard on duty.
3.21. Beach furniture or chairs may be brought to the Club for use, but must be removed from the Club premises each evening.
3.22. The Equipment Rooms and the Club Office are to be entered by authorized persons only. The Club Office is for the use of the Club Staff only and loitering there is prohibited.
3.23. No skateboards, bicycles, or the like are permitted on the pool apron.

4.1. Only adults and children who can swim (“Qualified Swimmers”) will be permitted to use the slide and diving board.
4.2. No flotation devices will be permitted on the slide or diving board.
4.3. Those not following rules may be asked to “sit out” for a period.
4.4. Slide
· Only one person at a time may enter the slide.
· Adults may not “catch” children in the water below the slide.
· Do not attempt to stop while inside the slide.
· Form a line at the bottom of the slide, advancing up with only one person per platform.
· Wait until the previous person has reached the ladder before entering the slide.
4.5. Diving Board
· Only one person on the diving board at a time.
· Dive or jump straight out and swim away from the board after each dive as quickly as possible.
· No double bouncing.
· No diving from the side of the pool is permitted while the diving board is in use.

5.1. The use of the Toddler Pool is limited to preschool children. Parents are requested to help the Staff by directing children to the proper area. Children in the Toddler Pool are solely the responsibility of their parents, and must be supervised at all times. A Lifeguard does not supervise the Toddler Pool.
5.2. All children who wear diapers are required to wear a “Swim Diaper” at all times when they are in the pool,
including the toddler pool. Regular disposable diapers are not permitted.

6.1. No flotation devices (including inner tubes) will be permitted in the Main Pool, except as approved by the Club Manager. If allowed, they may be ordered out of the pool at the discretion of the Club Manager or Lifeguards.
6.2. Use of underwater equipment (except approved diving masks) is prohibited.
6.3. Small inflatable rubber or plastic toys will be permitted in the Toddler’s Pool, but no sharp, hard, or plastic objects will be allowed.

7.1. The Club will not be responsible for any articles lost or stolen on Club premises. Theft will not be tolerated and offenders will be subject to severe punitive action.
7.2. A “Lost and Found” bin will be maintained.
7.3. Unclaimed articles will be disposed of after one week.

8.1. Pool privileges of a member of any classification may be summarily suspended for violation of Club Rules and
· For a period of 24 hours by the Club Manager, Assistant Club Manager or Head Lifeguard.
· For a period of seven days by either the Board President or the Chairman of the Rules Committee.
8.2. In the event of a suspension under the terms of this Section, a written report of such suspension, containing the reasons therefore, shall be submitted by the person invoking the suspension to the President within 24 hours.
Punitive action beyond the scope of this section must be handled in accordance with Article IV of the Club Bylaws.
8.3. The Club Manager will keep a record of all violations of these Rules and Regulations. Repeated violations will be reported to the Board President.
8.4. Anyone caught in the pool area during non-pool hours will be reported to the police and arrested. If they are
members, their club privileges will be terminated for the remainder of the season. If a nonmember, they cannot
come as a guest for one calendar year. Restitution must be made for any damages.

9.1. These Rules and Regulations may be amended or supplemented at any time by the Board of Directors.
9.2. Amendments or supplements to these Rules and Regulations will be posted on the bulletin board in the Club