Welcome to Skyline Swim Club


All of our slots for the 4:30-8:30 reservation time have been taken.  We were only able to accommodate requests from members who did not already have a confirmed reservation.

Skyline Swim Club Sunday June 7 Reservations


Skyline will officially be open for business on Saturday, June 6th and Sunday June 7th.  If you want to come to the pool this weekend, you must be paid in full by time of entry AND have a confirmed reservation (see below).  We hope to open up fully on June 12th as originally anticipated.

PAY:  Pay for your dues via credit card online.  If you MUST submit a check, please drop it off at the pool this week – if you mail it and it is not received by time of entry, you will not be allowed in.

RESERVATIONS: We need some practice with our new guidelines so please be patient as we do a trial run this weekend.  We are allowed 150 people at a time.  We have two (2) four (4) hour time slots on each day.  WE ARE CURRENTLY FULL FOR THIS WEEKEND – THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR RESPONDING.  IF more time slots are available, we’ll let you know!  All information member and payment information will be verified before confirmation of the reservation.

FAQs (what you most want to know)

How will I know when my reservation is confirmed?  We will do everything possible to let you know by Thursday night that your reservation is confirmed and that information will be posted on the website.

How will the pool know I have a reservation?  Our staff and our board members will be there at opening day confirming reservations and payment status.

What should I bring to the pool?  Only members on your membership (sorry, no guests right now), chairs (we will not have chairs out), sports equipment (basketball, volley ball, etc), and other activities to keep your group busy as our play area has to remain closed.

What if I don’t want to keep my membership this summer?  We get it – not everyone is ready or their situation has changed and being a member this summer is not viable.  There has always been an option for bondholders to go inactive.  This year, anyone who did not go inactive before Memorial Day will pay a $100 inactive fee for the summer.  If you change your mind later in the summer, you can put this towards full summer membership.

I’m currently on the wait list, can I get in on this?  Wait list members who received bond offers previously will be contacted this week and additional wait list members will be offered summer memberships.  We want you at the pool too!

What are you doing to control COVID-19?  We have guidelines which we will publish and these are likely to change as we go along.  Things like making sure our employees are well, that we promote social distancing, we still have removed our chairs – but we have covered our tables in plastic, staff performing cleaning routines, etc.  YOU can help us by making sure you’re healthy before coming to the pool and pointing out to team members if you think there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

I need some help with my account, can someone help me?  We have been bombarded with questions, concerns, requests.  We’ll do our best to get back to you, but please remember it’s our volunteer board who is responding – thank you for your patience!

Please click Here  to familiarize yourself with Skyline’s Covid Policy.  The policy describes the guidelines we will follow to ensure the safety of both staff and members.

Click below to see a copy of our most recent newsletter.

The payment page is working.  Please be sure to follow directions.  You can pay online via credit card or indicate that you will pay by check.  All checks should be made payable to and sent to:  Skyline Swim Club, 2901 Skyline Drive, Wilmington, DE 19808