Welcome to Skyline Swim Club

Annual All Member Meeting Held January 23, 2023

Thank you to all who came out and attended the annual member meeting to support Skyline Swim Club.  Meeting minutes will be posted once reviewed and approved by the 2023 Board of Directors, who will hold their first meeting the end of February.

Thank you to the outgoing 2022 Board Members:  Chris Dohl, Chris Hochman and Deanna Marcelo.  Deanna will continue to support the Board in a consultative role as the new Secretary is onboarded and the Board continues to standardize documentation of pool procedures and Board and staff roles.

Welcome to our new Board Members:  Ron Deptula, Sara Walker & Angela Gilbert.  All three (3) are bringing skills that compliment our existing Board!  Additionally, we welcome Jen Kessinger as the Suburban Relations Director!  Thank you Jen for serving in this role, informally in 2022, now it is official!

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