2024 Board of Directors Application

We are looking for new Board members (you must be an active member of Skyline Swim Club).  Below is an overview of responsibilities for each position on the Board.  Please note all positions are not open.  Positions are voted on at the first Board of Directors meeting in January.  It takes all 11 board members, in addition to event and activity volunteers, to make Skyline Swim Club successful.  Please complete the application below.  Thank you for your support!

President – Chief Executive Officer of the Club, attends all Board and Club Meetings, executes contracts, general supervision of all other officers of the club and shall see that their duties are properly performed, ex-officio member of all standing committees without voting power.

Vice – President – Officer having sole authority to select, suspend or discharge club employees.  Ex-officio of all committees, except Standing and Nominating Committees, without voting power.

Secretary – Attends all BOD meetings, records all minutes and votes, keeps record of all committee meeting minutes and sends timely notices of all meetings of the Club Membership and the Board of Directors.

IT/Communications – Attends all BOD meetings, Officer, shall prepare all newsletters, emails, social media posts.
The Communications Director serves as the technical expert to maintain website and work with Member Splash to ensure website capabilities are available to support SSC management and operations.

Bond Officer – Officer maintaining an accurate waiting list and notifies applicants in chronological order when a bond becomes available, prepares bonds for issuance and processes applications for bond redemptions.

Membership Officer – Chairman of the Membership Committee, investigates all applicants for membership, presents all applications to the Board of Directors for approval, notifies approved applicants.

Financial Secretary – Collects all fees and monies for deposit into the club account, responsible for invoices for membership dues and collecting past due membership fees.

Treasurer – Keeps full and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements per the approved budget, maintaining and filing proper vouchers of such disbursements, assures timely compliance with all federal and state record keeping, reporting and deposit requirements, responsible for presenting P&L statements, expense and balance sheet reports at all board meetings, prepares and presents the budget for approval, prepares the financial report for the annual meeting, arranges annual audit.

Social Director – Chairman of the Social Committee. Plans all swim club social events. Organizes their own committee. Coordinates volunteers to help with set up, help during and clean up for all events. Attends all club social events all season long.

Pool and Grounds Director – Chairman of the Pool and Grounds Committee. Organizes their own committee. Responsible for opening, maintaining and closing the pool, maintains the equipment and grounds during the season.

Swim Team Director – Chairman of the Swim Team Committee, attends all SSL meetings on behalf of Skyline Swim Club, coordinates all swim team events and swim meets, maintains communications with the Swim Coaches and parents, coordinates meet set up and clean up, parent volunteers and acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors and Swim Team.