You joined the wait list, now what?

Once you join the wait list, we do our best to provide some type of offer for the summer.  Each year we typically offer 25 bonds to our wait list members. This number depends fully on how many of our bonds are redeemed every year. We have a total of 370 bonds and will offer these as they become available. Please note that if you are offered a bond and turn it down, you will be removed from the wait list.  We offer at least 50 summer memberships to the wait list members along with another 25 based on inactive memberships.  We offer many others on the wait list “Extended Summer Memberships” which provide membership from mid-July until the end of the season.  You may turn down a full summer or extended summer membership if you are on the wait list, but you will be dropped to the bottom of the list. If you are offered a membership and do not respond with an acceptance or denial, we can only assume you are no longer interested and will be removed from the waitlist as well.

Want to know where you are on the wait list?  Click the link below – please note that the list is updated often by the membership chair, but is typically only posted once or twice a year.

Current Waitlist